Dr. Gil Selkin is a highly trained board certified Maxillofacial Surgeon who performs reconstruction of defects produced by skin cancer removal and Mohs surgery.   Producing the smallest possible scar with the most advanced surgical techniques is a top priority in surgeries performed by Dr. Gil Selkin. 

As a result of Dr. Selkin's extensive experience in producing aesthetically pleasing results  for skin cancer patients, Dr. Gil Selkin has acquired a reputation as a skilled surgeon performing cosmetic surgeries in the Plano area.  In fact, D magazine in Dallas recognized Dr. Gil Selkin as one of its top doctors, an award given to physicians voted upon by his peers.  Dr. Selkin always treats every patient as he would want to be treated, and dedicates the time each patient needs to have their concerns answered as well as the time needed to treat their surgical problem effectively.

Surgical Procedures

Gilbert Selkin, M.D., D.M.D. Is a winner of the D Best Doctors of 2017, as well as Living Magazines Reader's Choice. Browse his D Best profile by clicking here.



You can request an appointment online, or by calling us at 972-985-1920.

Dr. Gilbert Selkin, M.D., D.M.D. is a winner of the 2015 Living Magazines Reader's Choice Award.