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Moh's surgery is a very precise, state of the art technique to effectively treat skin cancer. The Moh's technique offers a very high potential cure rate. Surgeons specializing in this surgery have undergone training to remove the skin cancer layer by layer until it is completely removed. Not only is Moh's surgery useful to precisely treat the cancer, it is a technique to produce the least scarring. The surgeon is specially trained to check each layer under a microscope after removal to determine precisely when the cancer is completely removed without damaging normal skin tissue. Therefore, Moh's surgery is preferred over standard excision of skin cancer(which removes the cancer plus some normal skin tissue around the cancer)to reduce scarring and damage to normal skin, to treat skin cancers on certain parts of the body such as the ear or nose, and to treat recurrent skin cancers.

Our team has undergone extensive training in order to perform this advanced layer by layer procedure and to read and interpret the microscopic slides and determine when the skin cancer is completely removed. This interpretation under the microscope is done on site. Moh's surgery allows us to maximize the functional and cosmetic outcome of the procedure for each patient in addition to curing the cancer and minimizing the removal of healthy skin tissue. The area where the skin cancer is removed is typically repaired on the same day.

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