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Lipoma/Cyst Removals

Cysts can appear anywhere on the body. A cyst is a closed pocket or pouch of tissue that can be filled with pus, fluid, or other material. Cysts form as a result of clogged glands, ingrown hairs, foreign objects, or infection. Cysts on the skin are most often benign but can cause pain and changes in physical appearance.

A couple examples of cysts on the skin include, but are not limited to:

  • Pilar Cyst – These cysts are often found on the scalp due to them resulting from clogged hair follicles.
  • Epidermoid Cyst – These cysts are usually found in area with little hair growth, but can still form in areas such as the scalp. These are the most common types of cysts. They form from clogged glands and consist of a white, cheesy substance.

Though there are multiple options to treat cysts, it is recommended to get them removed and sent off to pathology to get a proper diagnosis. Removal can also help reduce the chances of reoccurrence (though reoccurrence is not uncommon).

The procedure to remove cysts can usually be done under local anesthetic. A small incision is made in order to remove the contents inside as well as the sac they may be enclosed in. Sutures will then be placed to close up the surgical site. 

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