Once our team has completely excised all remnant skin cancer, Dr. Selkin will evaluate the defect site for reconstruction.

Reconstruction can include, but is not limited to:

  • Primary Closure – This involves excising more tissue to make a circular defect into an ellipse in order to suture the wound closed side by side. In doing so, Dr. Selkin hopes to provide a result of a nice, thin scar.
  • Skin Grafting – Sometimes due to location and size of a defect, the repair may entail placement of a skin graft. A synthetic graft may be utilized due to the location of defect and/or to avoid another surgical site. Grafts can be taken directly from the patient. Graft locations include, but are not limited to, preauricular ( in front of the ear), postauricular (behind the ear), neck, and chest. If a skin graft is taken directly from the patient, then the donor site will be repaired via primary closure.
  • Flap Closure – Sometimes due to location and size of a defect, placement of a graft or primary closure will not suffice. In this instance, a flap may be necessary to achieve the best cosmetic and medically necessary result. A flap involves rotating or advancing nearby tissue in order to reconstruct the defect.
  • Cartilage Grafting – In cases involving the nose and ear, it may be necessary to utilize cartilage to help restore structural and functional integrity. Cartilage grafts are taken from the ear, and the donor site is closed utilizing the primary closure technique.

With any repair, it is important to understand that surgery of the skin will result in some type of scar. Though it is our intention to help each patient achieve the best cosmetic result, please understand that every patient heals differently and results can depend on certain social and genetic factors, as well as the complexity of the defect from cancer removal. 

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Dr. Gilbert Selkin, M.D., D.M.D. is a winner of the 2015 Living Magazines Reader's Choice Award.